A St. Thomas Mystery | Into the Blue: A Virgin Islands Mystery

Into the Blue by Megan O'Leary

Into the Blue:

A Virgin Islands Mystery

A simple favor for a friend turns Lizzie Jordan's laid-back, "no worries" lifestyle on St. Thomas upside down. Before she knows it, a girl has gone missing, a body turns up in the harbor and the VIPD comes knocking at her door. Suddenly, her island paradise is nowhere near as picture-perfect as it first seemed...


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“Bring everyone back alive.”

That’s Lizzie Jordan’s motto as first mate on a tour boat on the Caribbean island of St Thomas.

But it’s 2009, and life is good for Lizzie, who’s just coasting through life with a long list of drinking buddies, casual acquaintances and almost-boyfriends. She’s never had to think very hard about that motto, until now.


A casual drink with a co-worker—followed by a seemingly simple favor—pulls Lizzie into learning far more than she ever wanted about what lies under the charming facade of the vacation hotspot.

What seems like an innocent end to a vacation fling turns sinister when the girl turns up missing. Before she knows it, Lizzie’s world is turned upside down and her friend is on the run from the police. 

Lizzie quickly realizes that everyone is lying about this island meet-cute, including her co-worker and the missing girl’s friends, who vacillate between shell-shocked and shockingly blase about the whole affair.

By the time a body is found in the harbor and pressure mounts to catch the killer, Lizzie is on the run from the police and fully entangled in a situation in which everyone has their own agenda. 

As her “no worries” island lifestyle starts slipping away, Lizzie stumbles on a hard truth she should have learned years ago: Even if you run all the way to the Caribbean, everything catches up with you sooner or later.

Megan O'Leary Writer

About the author


Megan first ran away to the Caribbean in 2006. After a four-year stint in St. Thomas that included a year living on a catamaran and working as a chef/Divemaster, she returned to the continental U.S.—only to return to St. John again in 2016.

She moved her life to an island in the Pacific in 2018 and currently lives on Maui, where she surfs on the same longboard she dragged all the way to St. Thomas and back.

Megan has worked as a professional copywriter for more than 15 years, and she also holds a bachelor’s degree in English and music from the University of Pennsylvania. Into the Blue is her first novel.

Reach out to Megan at megan@meganoleary.com.

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